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Acer Aspire V7 482PG duplicate keys and freezing keyboard fix

by Patrick Durante on July 4th, 2014

I had an issue with my laptop (Acer Aspire V7-482PG-6629) where the keyboard would freeze.  This seemed to happen more after I had just upgraded the laptop to Windows 8.1   It would have duplicate key input, I would have to type very slow or hit the key multiple times for it to register. I knew it was nothing wrong with the keyboard since I booted a LIVE CD with a different OS and the laptop didn’t have the issue. I had installed every updated Windows 8.1 driver from Acer’s site but it still didn’t fix the issue. I updated the bios, wifi, bluetooth, and every device I could find. If you have the issue, go under the control panel for the mouse it might show two ELAN pointing device tabs. To fix the duplicate input you need to first load:

TouchPad_Synaptics_17.0.6.13_W81x64.  Under the device manager you will see the following appear.  THIS IS BAD!!!  This is not the correct driver, but you need to load it first for the multi touch gestures to work.
7-4-2014 8-58-18 AM

Reboot the laptop and now load this driver from their site.


The mouse will now show the following under the device manager.

7-4-2014 8-59-03 AM


Reboot one more time and all your mouse issues will be fixed.   If you ever have the issue again just make sure the mouse shows as ELAN, not Synaptics.

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